In the following list there are some examples of routes for trekking in the surroundings of Harrachov Hiking has had a long tradition in Krkonoše.

The first marked route has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. Most of tourists come to Krkonoše to look for nice experience when spending time in beautiful nature.On behalf of nature and future visitors of Krkonoše, please, use only summer tourist marked routes with zone marking (excluding winter season ).


Trip to Jizera mountains
Position of Harrachov on the west edge of Krkonoše enables to
make trips to near-by Jizera mountains.

Walk to Mumlavský vodopád ( waterfall )
It is a grateful minitrip for seniors, parents with small children
of if you are in Harrachov for a short time.

To the ridges
On the first Harrachov´s hike we are going to see woody valleys as
well as ridges of west Krkonoše including peat bogs and the source of the river Labe.

Sightseeing route along the west of Krkonoše
One of the nicest and the most multifarious Harrachov's tourist routes
enables us to see a lot of natural sights of west Krkonoše and to look out further.

Čertovský výšlap ( Devil's climbing up )
It is not very demanding hike over lower ridges, southeast from Harrachov.
After using cableway to the top of Čertova hora, the route leads you
mainly contour linely to the crossroad Ručičky.

Walking in the beauty cz
Přes Dvoračky, Labským dolem do Špindlerova Mlýna