Cableways and ski lifts

Downhill courses:

Blue – for beginners, Red – for pre-intermediate and intermediate,
Black – for very good skiers,
Red I Čertova hora – Rýžoviště, 1230 m long, 300 m altitude, area of 7,04 ha

Blue Čertova hora – Rýžoviště, 2020 m long, 300 m altitude, area of 7.82 ha
Black Čertova hora – Rýžoviště, 1050 m long, 300 m altitude, area of 2,76 ha

There is a cableway Rýžoviště – Čertova hora for these three downhill courses
Red II Čertova hora – Harrachov, 1800 m long, 355 m altitude, area of 9,6 ha.
There is a cableway Harrachov – Čertova hora for this downhill course.

Rýžoviště lanovka

Snowboardists are allowed on all downhill courses.

Cross country trails:

2x 7.5 km of cleared up standard trails marked as the ones for tourist´s use, cross country race trail – about 51.4 km of cleared up and marked trails in surroundings of Harrachov with access to ridges of Krkonoše mountains.

Cableways and ski lifts:

Cableway Rýžoviště – Čertova hora (transport capacity of 2200 people per hour) modern 4-chair lift with moving carpet for getting on

Cableway Harrachov – Čertova hora (transport capacity of 900 people per hour) 2-chair lift of mammoth ski jump, easily accessible from the centre of Harrachov

Ski lift Doppellmayr D380 (transport capacity of 700 people per hour) 400 m long ski lift, in bottom part of the downhill course Red II there is lightning for night skiing

Using technical (artificial) snow:

Downhill course Red I and Red II in the whole length and on surface

Opening hours:

8 am – 4 pm . All cableways and ski lifts, the ski lift Doppellmayr D380 according the interest until 9 pm

Ski pass prices:
In the price list for season 2005/2006

Check out system of ski passes

System SKIDATA with full choice of time and points ski passes on all cableways and ski lifts in operation of Sports area Harrachov a.s, ski passes are only valid on facilities operated by Sports area Harrachov a.s.

Ski pass discounts:

15% discount for all kinds of ski passes according rules of Harrachov bonus club(HBC) for guests accommodated in hotels, pensions and other places that are members of HBC. Skier or another customer who asks for ski pass discount must show proof Guest Accomodation card and identity card. areal@harrachov.cz

Ski lifts of other operators in Harrachov

Sachrův kopec, 230 m, 410 people per hour

Nový Svět, 120 m, 210 people per hour, lightning for night skiing

Šedý Vlk, 250 m, 450 people per hour, lightning for night skiing

Zákoutí volného času – 4 ski lifts, artificial snow, lightning for night skiing

230 m, 410 people per hour
160 m, 150 people per hour
80 m, 140 people per hour
60 m, 100 people per hour

Hřebenka, 80 m, 140 people per hour
For ski training Area ADOS, 130 m, 230 people per hour + 100 m, 180 people per hour, rope Ptačinec 500 m, 600 people per hour.

Armabeton (at the hotel Fit & Fun), 400 m, 500 people per hour,
TJ Jiskra 200 m, 360 people per hour

lightning for night skiing Classic Rýžoviště, 100 m ,180 people per hour

rope, for training skiing SKI Servis Ploc Red II, 130 m, 230 people per hour