Summer sports in Harrachov


Tourists that visit Harrachov in summer season have a lot of possibilities to spend their leisure time actively.

Visitors can use service of bike lending office where are about 100 bicycles/mountain, trekking or road/ - look at Bike tourism, then town offers 11 tennis courts, 4 tennis schools, 2 minigolf courses, 1 lift for bungee jumping, a summer outdoor swimming pool and since 1999 there has been
the Golf club Harrachov with their own course on Mýtiny.

Lanové centrum HarrachovNordic walking

Excluding these sports visitors can naturally go hiking and rafting or using vessels without motor power on the river Jizera has become very popular last few years. The most convenient time for this kind of sport is spring, because there is enough water from melting snow in riverbed.

On Čertova hora/mountain/ there is a starting area for the ones who are interested in parachuting and hang gliding. There is air corridor and landing area for this kind of sport. You can get more detailed information from Mr. Novotný – tel. 0432/529475

There are only Lubošské rocks for climbers near Harrachov. There are very good conditions for this kind of sport in Czech paradise that is about 50 km far away from Harrachov or in Suché rocks near Železný Brod that are about 40 km far away from Harrachov.

From spring to autumn visitors can use 2-seat cable car from Harrachov to Čertova hora in both directions. Bicycles are taken free of charge. The top of Čertova hora is a very good place for beginning hiking or cycling on ridges of Krkonoše.

Bike lending offices: Tenis Harrachov
Skiservis Ploc, Sport Čermák, Fit sport tour Mrklas, Sport Fremr, Hotel Sklář, Vítězslav Poledno – Klondajk, JPK, aj.

Tennis courts:
Camping Jiskra, Dukla, p. Korbut, Tenis club (at the outdoor swimming pool) hotel Sklář, hotel Fortuna, aj.

Minigolf courses:
Minigolf Kraus, Free time corner at the swimming pool

Bungee jumping:
television tower near ski-jumps

Golf club Harrachov:
The Harrachov Golf Club was established in 1999, in the year 2000 work was started on a new 9-hole course and it was opened in September 2001. The golf course has a par of 60 for its length of 2992m off the yellow tees. It is one of the highest positioned golf courses in Czech Republic (altitude 730m above sea level), situated in the beautiful landscape of the west Krkonoše. The location of the golf course in the mountain resort enables the connection of the golf experience and the family holiday. The advantage of our golf course is the limit on the number of players per day, the maximum is 7 groups on the course which ensures the privacy and solitude for the game. This is the only golf course in Krkonoše with tees specially built for younger golfers within the project of the family golf “Family Courses” – the children then can become the equivalent competitor of their parents.

Riding horses:
Farma Zlatá podkova Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Farma Janova hora Vítkovice, Farma Horní Polubný